The mission of Amistad is to foster a community of people who are facing mental health and other life challenges, expand peer services, and advocate for changes to the entire health system which are based on a belief in the inherent potential of each individual and respect for meaningful consumer voice. 

Our Vision

A community in which all individuals are accepted, encouraged and respected.

Our Values

Recovery:  We have a fundamental and unwavering belief in the power and possibility of recovery.  We absolutely believe that all individuals can lead full, rich, and productive lives and affirm the inherent resilience of the community.

Relationships:  We believe health is enhanced when treatment and peer support work in partnership to address the needs of the whole individual.

Respect:  We believe that all members of the Amistad community – members, staff and those seeking our services – deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Social Justice:  We recognize that many individuals we support are dealing with crippling poverty.  We intend our work to be empowering and to support self-determination and resilience.