What do you mean by Peer Support? 

It is what you would expect to receive from a family member or friend if they were to accompany you to the emergency room for a medical emergency. We offer peer support to individuals who visit the emergency room for a psychiatric crisis – individuals who are often frightened, confused, and very often alone.

Who are the Peer Supporters? 

They are individuals hired by Amistad who have personal experience with mental illness and recovery. The staff of the Peer Support Program have been there. They know first hand the struggles of living with a mental illness. And they are living examples that recovery is possible – they are the evidence of it.

What can I expect from Peer Support? 

Peer Supporters understand that going to the emergency department can be a frightening experience. Time moves slowly. Long waits are common. Peer Supporters will make sure that you get a meal or drink if that would be helpful. They make sure that you understand what is happening. They can share their experience with you, or just sit with you. They will help you pass the time, play cards with you, or offer you reading or writing material. They can share resources with you, or skills that they have found useful once you are out of the emergency room.

How do I find them? 

They are in the East Wing of the emergency room every evening from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. They will find you, or you can request peer support from the nurse on duty in the emergency room.

Benjamin Skillings or Mindy Harrison
PO Box 992 Portland, Maine 04104
(207) 773-1956