The Healthy Amistad Program

What is Healthy Amistad?

Healthy Amistad is a program that has been developed to promote better health outcomes for the members of the Amistad community. Amistad has always worked to improve our members’ lives through mutual support and a firm belief in recovery from mental illness. With Healthy Amistad we are working to improve not only the mental health, but also the physical health of our members.

Why a Healthy Amistad?

Recent research has shown that individuals with severe and persistent mental illness die on average 25 years sooner than the regular population. This disturbing and astounding information led us to examine ways to support healthier lifestyles amongst our members. It is our hope to support the efforts of individuals with chronic illness to obtain better quality coordinated healthcare and lead longer, healthier lives.

How are we Doing This?

We are attempting to transform Amistad into a community who wants to take better care of their health. We’re doing this in a number of ways, such as providing healthier eating options, more physical activities, and a variety of wellness support groups for members who struggle with chronic diseases like diabetes. We also offer encouragement, peer support groups, and resources to the nearly 50% of members who smoke and wish to quit smoking.

Who can Participate?

Everyone! We encourage the entire community to take every step they can to lead to healthier lifestyles by taking better care of themselves. We are a community that has always cared for each other. This program takes us one step further. The positive attitudes, friendships and willingness to help each other have kept Amistad going for 25 years…now we want everyone to add those 25 years onto their lives!


Gail Sawyer-Gay
Program Manager
PO Box 992
Portland, Maine
04104 (207) 773-1956